Fly Rod Blanks and Components

While organizing a shop storage area, we came upon a large selection of fly rod blanks from several rod manufacturers. The majority of the blanks we have in stock are two piece, but we do have a few three and four piece blanks. These blanks can be used to build rods from 2 weight through 12 weight. We have in stock a selection of grips, reel seats, snake guides, tip tops, and wrapping thread.  We also have a few complete two piece rod building packages that include rod blank, guides and tip top, handle and reel seats.   Most of the blanks and components date from the late 1980's to late 1990s, with a small number from the early 2000's.  Most of these blanks are discounted from original MSRP.  These are great blanks for the beginning as well as the experienced rod builder.


Our selection of blanks includes models from:

J. Kennedy Fisher Only graphite blanks 6/7wt and heavier remaining.
St. Croix Graphite blanks including many SC II (1990's Imperial), SC III (1990's Avid), and SC IV (late 1990's and early 2000's pre-IPC Legend and Legend Ultra blanks).  Blanks range from 2 through 12 wt.
Sage A small selection of graphite blanks inlcuding GFL, RP, RPL (and VPS), RPLX, and XP models plus some others. Blanks range from 4 through 10 wt.
Batson Rainshadow blanks in both grey and olive colors. Blanks range from 2 through 12 wt.
Pac Bay Graphite blanks.  Blanks range from 2 through 12 wt.
Lamiglass A small number of the honey colored fiberglass blanks. Remaining blanks are 3wt and 4wt.
others Very small numbers Thomas and Thomas, Redington FSF, plus assorted odds and ends.


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