Consignment Items

We have started something new on a trial basis.  The items here are being offered on a consignment basis for a long time shop customer.  For now, we have only these two items and are not accepting additional items at this time.


These items are offered for in store purchase only and are available for inspection at the store.  If you are interested in purchasing and cannot come to the store, please call the store and we can discuss a possible accommodation.

Orvis Helios Zero Gravity ION 795-4


This is a never used and perhaps never cast Orvis Helios Zero Gravity (ZG) ION 7'9" 4 piece 5wt rod.  It comes with original rods sock and carbon fiber tube.  As you can see from the photo, the tube is still wrapped in the plastic covering as it came from the factory.   This rod is amazingly light at 1.25 ounces! It has an Orvis mid-flex profile.  It would be a great small stream and panfish rod, as well as a great backpacking rod due to its light weight.  A limited number of these were built from around 2007-2009.  Original price was around $750.   Asking $525.


You may click on the image below to see a larger version.

Orvis Rocky Mountain 6'6" 3/2  Bamboo Fly Rod


Rod serial number is 57524.


This Orvis impregnated cane rod with 3 section rod with 2 tips was made by Ron White at Orvis in 1970. It is rated for an HDG (Weight Forward 6 wt fly line).  It has had a reel mounted and been lawn cast but never fished and is in pristine condition.  The tube and tube label have some marks and dings that have been acquired over 50+ years but the rod appears brand new.  Even the warranty registration card is present.  We have cast other examples of this model and it casts a modern 4w, 5wt, or 6wt line that meets AFFTA/AFTMA standards quite well, depending on your preference.  Note that today many fly lines are 1/2 to 1 or even more weights heavier than the standards.  So something like a Rio Grand 6wt may feel like a bit too much.  This is a great find for a collector and would also be a great rod for small creek fishing or casting to panfish at the local pond. Asking $1145


You may click on the image below to see a larger version.