Rick Vorst – Owner and Manager

As a teenager Rick rode his bicycle to Stroud Tackle not long after it first opened and over the years became a close personal friend of the Strouds. Prior to a career in the construction business, Rick worked as a deckhand on boats in the San Diego sportfishing fleet.  In 2009 he  began assisting Bill Stroud with managing the shop. Today Rick is the operator of Stroud Tackle and is always eager to welcome you to the shop.

Craig Smith - IT/Web Services

Craig first came into Stroud Tackle in 1992 looking for a pair of hip boots. Over the years he developed a personal friendship with the Strouds and in the early 2000’s began evaluating new products for them at their invitation. Craig has more than 45 years of angling experience including more than 40 years of fresh and saltwater fly fishing and fly tying. Although he has taken more than 70 species on fly tackle, he still delights at catching bluegills on a quiet pond. A software engineer by profession, Craig can be found in the shop many Saturdays as well as an occasional weekday.  It is usually Craig who sees your emails first.