Fishy Outings · January 21, 2019
Spotted Bay Bass aka "Spottie" taken on the fly rod
San Diego has great year round angling, even during mid-winter, and San Diego bay is perhaps the most consistent local winter fishery. Except for when storms are passing through, winter breezes are often less than summer winds. When the ocean has six to twelve foot swells as has been the case over the last couple of weeks, the bay remains comparatively calm.
Fly Tying · January 06, 2019
Flymen Fish Skull Faux Bucktail
A couple of years ago, Flymen Fishing Company, produce of the fantastic Fish Skull heads, introduced Faux Bucktail. Fish Skull Faux Bucktail is an interesting synthetic streamer material that we, along with many of our customers, have found useful for some of their fly and jig making enterprises. Unlike most other synthetic hair materials, Faux Bucktail is tapered. Like many other synthetics, it is slightly crinkly. The most obvious use of this material is as a substitute for real bucktail. So...
Product Spotlight · September 28, 2018
Rio InTouch Striper Fly Line
The Rio InTouch Striper 30 foot sink tip line is a versatile integrated shooting taper line that can be used in both saltwater and freshwater environs. With a 30’ fast sinking head, an extended 14’ intermediate sinking back taper and long thin running line, the InTouch Striper line is great for making those long distance casts and getting the fly down quickly. The line is available with head weights from 250 to 450 grains in 50 grain increments and is suitable for 7 through 11 weight rods....
Fly Tying · September 09, 2018
A simple leech fly pattern
Many fly tyers enjoy the process of tying flies than involve multiple materials and steps, but sometimes we like to tie effective flies very quickly. Flies that can be tied quickly with minimal materials are often referred to as “guides” flies since they can be tied in large numbers with a minimal investment in time and can put clients onto fish in many angling conditions. Leech patterns are effective for many freshwater species in streams and stillwaters. There must be hundreds of leech...
Fishy Outings · September 05, 2018
Fly Caught Skipjack
Some of the Stroud Tackle team headed out for a bluewater expedition yesterday with a goal of finding the skipjack tuna which have been around in plentiful numbers offshore recently. We love skipjack as a great light tackle sportfish and great table fare when properly prepared. “Skippies” are one of our favorite fly rod fish. The plan for the day was to head southwest to an area where the fish had recently been reported and start hunting. So we met at the dock at Shelter Island at 0530 and...
Fishy Outings · August 31, 2018
Calico bass taken on a Clouser Minnow
We made a quick outing today to the Point Loma kelp beds today before the holiday weekend crowds found their way to the water. We didn’t start too early, launching at 0630 at the Dana Landing ramp on Mission Bay. Launch ramp traffic was down compared to previous weeks. We headed in about 1100 to find the bay starting to get congested with early holiday traffic. The water was cooler than in recent weeks; we metered water temps from 68 - 72 F. A 3 foot swell at 8 seconds from the west had us...
Fish Species · August 27, 2018
The kelp bass, commonly called the “Calico” bass have been a popular game fish in Southern California for decades with conventional anglers. A long time staple of the local half and three-quarter day sport fishing party boats, they have become more popular with fly anglers over the last twenty years. The calico bass fishing around the kelp beds off of Pt. Loma and La Jolla has been excellent all summer and continues to be good. These powerful predators readily take the fly when on the feed...