Clearance Fly Reels


Last Updated January 21, 2023

After 50 years in business we have many odds and ends that have found their way into recesses of the shop including many reels.  We will periodically post interesting (at least we think so) discounted fly reels here. They may include models from Orvis, Ross, Galvan, Hardy, Redington, Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO)  and others. All fly reels listed here can be shipped to U.S.A addresses.  We do not have an online purchase option.  If interested in purchase please call or email the shop to confirm availability.

Temple Fork Outfitters Reels

TFO Large Arbor Reels

We have a single TFO 425 Large Arbor reel remaining.  The TFO Large Arbor series consisted of a set of four different size reels made from machined aluminum with a draw bar disc drag design employing a carbon fiber drag material for a strong and reliable drag system.  The knurled drag knob is easy to grip with wet hands. Silent on the retrieve with a mild outgoing click.  The spool spins freely on the retrieve when there is no tension on the line - a feature some anglers like because it allows quick pick up loose line if a running fish does not quickly take out all of the slack line that may be at the anglers feet (or in a stripping bucket). These are very tough and dependable reels.  Suitable for tuna, dorado, tarpon, permit, jacks, sailfish, shark, salmon, steelhead, and a host of other species.  They were very popular with our local offshore anglers as well as anglers traveling to Baja and other regions in the world. Many anglers still prefer them to the TFO Atoll and Power series reels that replaced them in TFO's reel line up. Though it could be used on a 9wt rod,  the reel is most suitable for 10 through 13wt single handed rods and some two handed rods.  TFO documentation listed a rated capacity of 275 yards of 30 lb Dacron backing with a WF12F line but we found that a bit generous.  We found 275 yards of 30 lb with a WF10F line or a 500 grain Rio Leviathan  or 450 grain Striper line (the latter two suitable for 12wt rods) to be more accurate.  If more backing capacity is needed 50 lb or 65 lb spectra can be used.   The classic style solid back reel frame helps keep grit out of the internals though the drag is not sealed.  The reel is easy to maintain.  TFO did not include a reel case or bag with these reels nor did they include maintenance instructions or schematic.  We have copied the maintenance and retrieve direction change instructions from the TFO website and include a printout in the box.  The reel we have is glossy jet black.  In the images shown below the solid frame back appears to be mottled but this is just a reflection a cloudy sky, the result of photographing an example of this model reel outside in natural light instead of in a studio.  It does give you an idea of the quality of the polished finish.

Reel Model Price Notes
 TFO Large Arbor 425


Originally $390.  4.25" diameter. 1.375" width.  10.8 oz weight. WF10F or 500gr sinking line and 275 yards 30lb Dacron backing.  Reel case or pouch not included (TFO did not include these with this product).  1 reel available.

SAGE 506 Reels  (DEMO reels)

We recently found a box with some Sage 506 reels from the late 1980s and early 1990s.  These reels were made for Sage by Hardy in England.  They are machined aluminum with a bronze anodized finish with silver highlights.   The have an adjustable click and pawl drag system than that can be set for right or left hand wind by changing the pawl position and changing the position of the line guard.  These reels were shop demo reels and have "DEMO" stamped into the back side of the frame as shown in the photos.  Each of the reels has been lightly used and show some light scratches but no deep rash that penetrates the color.  Each reel has markings from tape used to attach flyline indicator labels to the reel, either on the back frame, inside the spool or both.  An example is shown in the photos below. The reels function as new.   Each reel comes with the original brushed suede zippered reel case and the original Sage box.  The suede reel case does not have the Sage logo like the reels intended for retail sale.  The boxes are pretty beat up, which may include grease, coffee, ink or other stains, creases, and small tears.   The reels do not include the paperwork that came with them.


The reel feet ends are a bit thicker than many newer machined reel feet so may not fit some reel seats.  In the images below the reel is mounted on a Sage RPL+ 906-4 rod and the foot just barely fits into the hood at the grip though it fits the sliding hood in back just fine.  The RPL+ series came out about the time this reel was discontinued.   It fits the seat on my Sage 3, 4, 5, and 6 wt LL series rods just fine. We have fit these reels into many older and newer Sage rods as well as older and newer graphite, fiberglass, and bamboo rods from other manufacturers. 


The reel is suitable for 5 through 8 wt lines.  It will hold a standard WF-6-F floating line and 140 yards of 20lb Dacron (Cortland Micron) backing or standard WF-8-F and 110 yards of 20lb backing.   Although we haven't tried it ourselves, the reel may hold lightweight trout spey system such as a 2, 3, 4, or 5 wt such as the Rio Intouch Skagit Trout Spey Versitip.  Again we haven't tried this so cannot be certain.  


We do not usually sell used reels, but are making these available due to their excellent condition and demand by collectors and anglers who like classically styled reels.   Due to these examples having "DEMO" stamped on them, we are offering them for less than used consumer versions typically sell for on auction and vintage tackle websites. [in case you were wondering, we did not place the reels offered for sale on rocks for the images below.  The reel pictured is from one of our personal collections of fishing reels, but is representative of the examples for sale.]

Sage 506 "DEMO" Reel
Sage 506 "DEMO" Reel

Sage 506 "DEMO" Reel
Sage 506 "DEMO" Reel with pouch

Reel Model Notes Price
 Sage 506 "DEMO"



Ross Reels

Ross Reels of Montrose Colorado has a longstanding reputation for producing high quality fly reels and providing outstanding customer support since 1973.  We have some discontinued spools that we are offering at discounted prices.

Spools for legacy Ross Reels

We recently dug up a box of spools for legacy Ross Reels.  They are offered here at a significant savings over what Ross Reels currently sells these spools for (~$100 for Colorado, ~$105 for Cimarron, and ~$170 for Gunnison).


Model Price Notes
Colorado CO-0 $55 1 remaining! - hard to find spool for smallest Colorado reel. Note these spools are for the original standard arbor Colorado reel
Colorado CO-3 $55 2 available.  Note these spools are for the original standard arbor Colorado reel
Cimarron C-5 $55 2 available.  These are for the post 1998 Cimarron.  Gloss black.  Changing direction of retrieve is accomplished by removing screws on the change ring on inside  spool flange and repositioning the ring to expose the other plunger.