Clearance Fly Reels


Last Updated November 6, 2017

After 47 years in business we have many odds and ends that have found their way into recesses of the shop including many reels.  We will periodically post interesting (at least we think so) discounted fly reels here. They may include models from Abel, Orvis, Ross, Scientific Anglers, Islander Reels, Lamson, and others. All fly reels listed here can be shipped to U.S.A addresses.  We do not have an online purchase option.  If interested in purchase please call or email the shop to confirm availability.

Tibor Gulfstream

We just dug up this nice Tibor Gulfstream.  New in Box.  This is the original design with the original porting and solid back.  Color is satin gold (its a rather pale gold).  An absolutely fantastic reel for Tarpon, sailfish, striped marlin, tunas, giant trevally, dorado, sharks, roosterfish, yellowtail, and many other species.   Also suitable for spey rods.  Only one reel.  

Model Price Notes
Gulfstream $550 4.375" in diameter.  10 to 15 weight rods. WF-12-F and 300 yards of 30lb Cortland Micon backing.  A bit less for other thicker brands of dacron.

Orvis Battenkill Disc Reels

Sale Discount Clearance Orvis Battenkill Disc reels

The Orvis Battenkill Disc reel was a very popular mid-priced reel from the early 1990's through the late 2000's.  We have a small number of the 8/9 and 10/11 models.  These reels have reliable offset disc drag which is sufficient for most freshwater and light saltwater purposes.  They are very easy to convert from right hand to left hand wind; just slide the main gear and bearing off the spindle, flip over, and slide back on. Originally marketed as freshwater and light saltwater reels they were only listed as freshwater reels late during their production.  With care they will hold up to the saltwater environment.  We still use a couple of 8/9 models that have been used in the saltwater about 30 days a year since 1996 and though the finishes are scuffed up the reels are as mechanically sound as when they were new. We have caught many bonito, striped bass, San Diego Bay bonefish, halibut, carp, and other species with them. These classic style standard arbor reels have a generous backing capacity.  Today we use the 8/9 models on 5, 6, 7, and 8wt rods for light saltwater fishing in the bays and surfzone and for local bass and carp fishing.  The 10/11 model is probably best suited for use on light switch rods in either fresh or saltwater.     The reels come with a case similar to the one pictured.  Most of these reels do not come with the original box since they were originally part of Orvis rod/reel combo optional packages.  Either the original Orvis reel manual or a photocopy will be included.  All of the 10/11 models and most of the 8/9 models are made in England. We are out of extra spools.

Reel Weight Diameter Capacity


8/9  5 7/8 oz  3.375"

WF8F +

220 yards 20lb dacron


Reel only

10/11  6 3/4 oz  3.75"

WF10F +

225 yards 30lb dacron


Reel only

Orvis Battenkill Large Arbor Reels

We have a small number of  remaining Battenkill Large Arbor V  (Battenkill LA) reels.  These reels utilize the same drag as the venerable Battenkill Disc reel.  They are suitable for freshwater and light saltwater reel fishing. This last remaining reel was made in England.

Model Notes Price
Large Arbor V 7-9 wt lines.  Holds a WF-8-F line and 175 yards of 30lb dacron backing (or more 20lb  or spectra or if loaded with a sinking integrated shooting head). Price includes reel and reel case.     $129          

Islander Reels

Clearance sale  Islander IR fly reels

From Canada come the excellent Islander IR reels with adjustable click drag. These machined aluminum reels are among the finest click drag trout reels available today. We have one remaining of each of the models listed below.  These reels have never been used.

Model Notes Price
IR 4 6-8 wt lines $200

Galvan Reels

Galvan fly reels are made in Sonora California by the Galvan family and have a stellar reputation as reliable and durable fresh and saltwater reels.  These are machined from bar stock aircraft grade aluminum.  We have a couple of the original Rush R-8 reels remaining. The Rush series was replaced by the Rush Light series in 2012.  The Rush Light has more porting and is a bit lighter than the older Rush series reels offered here.  The Rush series has the same drag as the more expensive Torque series of reels.

Model Price Notes





7-9 wt lines. 4" in diameter.  WF-8-F and 200 yards of 20lb dacron backing. This is a fantastic reel for just about any fresh and saltwater application for 7 through 9wt lines.  Can even be used on 10wt rod if lined with a sinking line.  Originally $320.  2 available.

Galvan Open Back (OB) spools

We have a few Galvan OB (Open Back) Reel Spools



Model Price Notes




2 Green available

Teton Fly Reels

Teton fly reels were made in California from machined and anodized aluminum from the Mid-1990's through about 2008.  We are not sure why they ceased production, but it was not because of the quality of the reels.  We sold a lot of these reels from up until production ceased.  Their principle reel was the "Teton" model.   The "Tioga" reels were a lower cost option with less porting for s slightly heavier reel.   There were some other models such as the "Trinity" which sort of fell between the Tioga and the Teton.   The "Teton Classic" reels had a shiny glossy plated finish.   There were some other models and well as some variations in colors other than the standard gunmetal blue and black.  All Teton reels had a reputation for durability in both freshwater and saltwater.   The full cage design added a slight amount of weight compared to contemporary reels but also provided a robust design than could withstand drops.  The full cage design prevented thing running lines or mono shooting lines from slipping between the spool and the frame.  The models for 8 weight and heavier rods were popular with saltwater anglers on both coasts. We have some Teton reels that have been used for 20 years in the saltwater (bonito, barracuda, calico bass, striped bass, halibut, etc.)  and still function just fine.  Of course, the reels offered her are new, old stock, and have never been used.  These reels are from the Original Teton Fly Reels Inc. Company, not the Current Teton USA company which purchased the assets of the original Teton Fly Reels Inc, in 2009. 

Teton Reel

We have one remaining Teton 9-11 reel with standard arbor spool plus an extra standard arbor spool.  This reel could be an ideal reel to match with a switch rod or for use on single handed rods in the 7 through 10wt category.  This reel is a sort of gunmetal blue color.  It is a great real for heavy freshwater and light to medium duty saltwater.   These reels were very popular with east coast striper anglers among others.  Craig here at the shop has one that during the last 20 years has been used for pike and lake trout in Northern Manitoba, striped bass in the California Delta,  San Diego inshore saltwater  for calico bass, bonito, barracuda,  and firecracker yellowtail, and in Australia for barramundi and golden trevally, and assorted reef species.

Model Price Notes
9-11 $220 Price includes an extra spool.  Reel is 4" in diameter, weighs 7.2 oz,  and will hold a WF-10-F line and about 250 yards of 30lb dacron backing.  Originally $350. 1 available

Teton Trinity  Reel

The Teton Trinity had the same drag system as the Teton and Teton Tioga reels with some different porting on the frames and spools compared to the flagship Teton series and is made from machined and anodized aluminum. We have one each of the Trinty 6 and Trinity 8 models.   The 4  6 models is a sort of bluish black color and the Trinity 8 is black.   There is porting on the frame  and on the spool. These are very durable reels.  The full cage design prevents thin lines from getting between the line guard and the spool.  These are all standard arbor reels.

Model Price Notes
Trinity 6 $110 Reel only. Reel is about 3.3" in diameter and will hold a WF-6-F line and about 150 yards of 20 lb dacron backing.  It could be used as a light saltwater reel.  Originally $160. 1 available
Trinity 8 $115 Reel only. Reel is about 3.5" in diameter and will hold a WF-8-F line and 200 yards of 20 lb dacron backing. Makes a great light saltwater reel. Originally $170. 1 available

Ross Reels

Ross Reels of Montrose Colorado has a longstanding reputation for producing high quality fly reels and providing outstanding customer support since 1973.  We have some discontinued odds and ends that we are offering at discounted prices.

Ross Saltwater Reels

The Ross Saltwater reel was produced from 1994 to 2000.  It was a beefed up version of the venerable Gunnison reel.  They were machined from aerospace grade bar stock aluminum. For their size these reels were fairly lightweight.  The top end drag pressure is only a couple of pounds but this was sufficient for most angling and they have been used for tarpon and sailfish. Craig here at the shop has used one for local yellowtail, yellowfin tuna to 20lbs, and in Australia for permit and long tail tuna.   Today, these will suffice for light to medium duty saltwater angling, most freshwater angling. They are also well suited to switch and even lighter spey rods due to their copious line capacity.


Model Price Notes
Saltwater III $180 Reel is 3.75" in diameter, weighs 7.2 oz and holds a WF-9-F and 300 yards of 20lb dacron backing. Originally $295.  3 available
Saltwater IV $180 Reel is 4" in diameter, weighs 7.9 oz and holds a WF-11-F and 350 yards of 20lb dacron backing.  1 available

Spools for legacy Ross Reels

We recently dug up a box of spools for legacy Ross Reels.  They are offered here at a significant savings over what Ross Reels currently sells these spools for (~$100 for Colorado, ~$105 for Cimarron, and ~$170 for Gunnison).

Model Price Notes
Colorado CO-0 $55 4 available - hard to find spool for smallest Colorado reel. Note these spools are for the original standard arbor Colorado reel
Colorado CO-2 $55 1 available.  Note these spools are for the original standard arbor Colorado reel
Colorado CO-3 $55 2 available.  Note these spools are for the original standard arbor Colorado reel
Cimarron C-1 $55 2 available.  These are for the pre 1998 Cimarron. Matte black.  Changing direction of retrieve is accomplished by removing the bearing assembly and flipping the drag disk.



$55 2 available.  These are for the pre 1998 Cimarron
Cimarron C-4 $55 2 available. These are for the pre 1998 Cimarron
Cimarron C-5 $55 2 available.  These are for the post 1998 Cimarron.  Gloss black.  Changing direction of retrieve is accomplished by removing screws on the change ring on inside  spool flange and repositioning the ring to expose the other plunger.
Gunnison G-2 $80 available.  These are for pre 1998 Gunnison. Changing direction of retrieve is accomplished by removing the bearing assembly and flipping the drag disk.
Gunnison G-3 $80 1 available.  This is for a post 1998 Gunnison. Changing direction of retrieve is accomplished by removing screws on the change ring on inside  spool flange and repositioning the ring to expose the other plunger.
Gunnison G-4 $80 2 available.  This is for a post 1998 Gunnison
Gunnison G-5 $80 2 available.  This is for a post 1998 Gunnison

Waterworks Lamson Reels

Lamson LP Reels

We have a few unused Lamson LP reels from the 1990's.  Box colors may vary depending one when they were made.  Some come in the box shown at right that is from when Sage owned Lamson reels.  Others are in the older Maroon boxes.   Reels are offered as described below with one or more extra spools.  Most of the reels have the solid frame back unless otherwise noted.  These reels have an adjustable caliper style drag and are suitable for both fresh and saltwater adventures.  The are machined from bar stock aluminum.  Waterworks Lamson does not provide warranty or repair service on these reels but does have an upgrade program where you can send them a faulty reel and purchase a Liquid, Remix, or Guru reel at 50% off MSRP.   These reels are all unused and function as they came from the factory.

Model Price Notes
LP 3 $150

WF-7-F and 150 yds 20# dacron backing.   Reel with one extra spool

 Reel Frame is ported.

LP 4 $110 WF-10-F and 250 yds 30# dacron backing.  Reel only.  No extra spools.  2 reels available.

J. Ryall Reel Spools

Another find! A box of J. Ryall fly reel spools.  We found some spools for the J Ryall No. 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 reels.  Most of these spools are black but a couple are a sort of gunmetal grey color.    Originally $80-$110. All spools offered for $25.