Recommended Guides

San Diego Area Fly Fishing Guides


On The Fly Fishing Charters - Bay, Inshore, Offshore, Mako Sharks

San Diego Saltwater Fly Fishing - San Diego Saltwater - Bay, Inshore, Offshore

Conway Bowman  - San Diego Saltwater - Mako Shark and Blue Shark

Tyler Vanosdell - San Diego surf and Mission Bay on foot.

Risen Tide Sportfishing - San Diego Bay on fly.  Bay, inshore, offshore conventional gear

Solis Fly Fishing (aka "Solis on the Salt") - San Diego County Beaches



Eastern Sierra Nevada Fly Fishing Guides


Sierra Drifters - Eastern Sierra Nevada Lakes and Streams

Pat Jaeger - Eastern Sierra Nevada Lakes and Streams


Sacramento/San Joaquin River Delta Striped Bass Fly Fishing Guides


Capt. Mike Costello - Delta Striped Bass, LM  and SM bass, Nor Cal Trout Drift Trips

Capt. Steve Santucci - Delta Striped Bass, LM and SM Bass,  SF Bay Stripers

Capt. Maury Hatch - Delta Striped Bass, American River Striped Bass

Capt. Bryce Tedford - Delta and nearby areas Striped, Largemouth, and Smallmouth bass