Clearance Fly Rods

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Last Updated July 3, 2020

On this page we will list assorted fly rods that we offer at discount or clearance prices.  Typically these are rods we pull out of storage.  The list changes periodically as we sell rods or dig additional rods out of storage.  Rods found here include models from J Kennedy Fisher, Orvis, Redington, and others.  All rods listed here can be shipped to U.S.A addresses.  We do not have an online purchase option.  If interested in purchase please call or email the shop to confirm availability.

Diamondback Fiberglass Fly Rods

We recently turned up some fiberglass fly rods from the original Diamondback rod company.   These rods have been on the display rack at some point in the past but, otherwise are new and unused.  The tubes show some shop/storage wear.


The rods are from two series.  The "Diamondglass" rods were built in Vermont from blanks rolled in the USA.  These rods were produced before Cortland acquired the original Diamondback Rod Company.  The blanks are sort of a not quite black color that I might describe as a dark mocha under the bright sun.  Most glass fanatics consider these to be the superior of the two series and some of the finest glass rods from the 2000's.


The "Diamondback Glass" rods were built in Vermont on imported blanks that are a bluish color.  Still very nice rods.


Listed below is what we have left after a few sold quickly in the shop.   As usual for listings on this page, these rods can be purchased in the shop or you can call the shop to purchase over the phone and get a quote on shipping.  


Images below show the blanks, grips, and reel seats for the two series of rods.

Diamondback Diamondglass Fly Rod
Diamondback Diamondglass Fly Rod - USA made blank
Diamondback Diamondglass Grip and Reel Seat
Diamondback Diamondglass Grip and Reel Seat
Diamondback Glass Fly Rod - Imported blank
Diamondback Glass Fly Rod - Imported blank
Diamondback Glass Grip and Reel Seat
Diamondback Glass Grip and Reel Seat


Model Price Notes


Diamondglass 8' 2pc 4wt
$290 SOLD Excellent all around full flex small stream rod . Or cast small poppers to panfish. USA made blank.  Aluminum tube.
Diamondglass 7'6" 2pc 3wt $290 SOLD Excellent  full flex small  stream rod.  Great for tossing dry flies under overhanging brush.  USA made blank.  Aluminum tube.

Diamondback Glass 6' 2pc 2wt

$225 SOLD Great panfish and creek rod.  Imported blue blank.  Cordura covered PVC rod tube.
Diamondback Glass 6'6" 2pc 3wt $225 Great panfish and creek rod.  Imported blue blank.  Cordura covered PVC rod tube.

St. Croix Fly Rods

Stroud Tackle was a St. Croix dealer from the 1970's through the mid-2000's.  We have found a number of new in the tube rods, mostly from the late 1990's and early 2000's.  These are very nice made in USA models available at a discounted prices.    The Legend and Legend Ultra models originally retailed from the high $200's to nearly $400 range.  The Avid models were in the mid $200's range.  Legend and Legend Ultra models have a matte dark green blank and come with a Green Cordura covered PVC rod tube.  Avid models have a matte charcoal color blank come with a Black Cordura covered PVC rod tube.  The Avid models have a more medium-fast action compared to the faster Legend and Legend ultra models. 

Model Price Notes
Legend Ultra 9' 10wt 3pc $190 Nice inshore saltwater rod, or for heavy freshwater work. Most often used locally here in Southern California for Dorado and Skipjack tuna as well as football yellowfin tuna and double digit size bonito. 1 Available

Orvis Fly Rods

Stroud Tackle was an Orvis Dealer from the early 1980s. We have located a number of older Orvis rods in storage and are now offering them for sale. These rods date from the mid 1980's to the early 2000's. Most of the rods listed are in mint condition. Many of the tubes were still sealed in the plastic the rods were shipped in until we opened them up to check on the condition of each rod. A couple of these may have been on the display rack at some point in time but most had not been out of their tubes until we recently insepected them. Some of the tubes may show some exterior dust or wear from being moved around a storage facility over the years. However the rods are in pristine condition.

Series Model Price  Notes Approx Year of Manufacture
Green Mountain

8'9" 8wt 2pc


Heavy Duty Plastic Tube

Removable Fighting Butt

Mid 1990's

9' 9wt 2pc


Heavy Duty Plastic Tube

Fighting Butt

Around 2000
Discount Clearance Redington Fly Rods

Redington Fly Rods

We have been a Redington dealer since the mid-1990s. We have located a couple of boxes of 2 piece Freshwater (FSF) and Saltwater (SSF, TSF) fly rods in storage and may turn up a few more.  Two piece rods are much less popular now but are just fine if you don't travel.   All rods are new and offered at a steep discount. Of course, all of these rods are available for purchase in person in the shop too.  Original retail prices on these rods were $225-$295.  All rods include a sock and rod tube.  All of these rods are unused.  Some of the tubes may have some scrapes or scratches. The Redington 1999 catalog describing these rods in PDF file format can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

Model Price Notes
TSF 9' 9wt 4pc $150 Fuji reel seat and fighting butts.   Cordura covered PVC rod tube.