Clearance Fly Rods

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Last Updated March 14, 2021

On this page we will list assorted fly rods that we offer at discount or clearance prices.  Typically these are rods we pull out of storage.  The list changes periodically as we sell rods or dig additional rods out of storage.  Rods found here include models from Orvis, Diamondback, Redington, Hardy, St. Croix and others.  All rods listed here can be shipped to U.S.A addresses.  We do not have an online purchase option.  If interested in purchase please call or email the shop to confirm availability.

Cortland Fly Rods

Stroud Tackle was a Cortland Pro Shop for several decades.  We still dig up a few new in the tube Cortland rods and post some of the more interesting models here.

Cortland Precision XC Fly Rods

Here is an unusual travel or pack rod.  This is a 9 foot, 8 piece ,8wt.  Unused. It was sealed in plastic until we opened it to check the rod and the fit of the sections and wiggle it a bit.  This rod fits into a small package for an 8 wt rod.  I would describe it as having a full flex medium action, so it is quite a bit softer than most current 2 and 4 pc 8wt rods.   It may cast a 7 wt line fine for those who prefer faster action rods.   If using an integrated shooting head I might be tempted to try a 250 grain line rather than a 300 grain line that is more commonly used with 8wt fly rods today.  Nice rod to stick under the seat of a car or truck or put in a carry on bag for some bassin' or light saltwater work.  We believe this rod dates from around 2005.

Model Price Notes
Cortland Precision XC 9ft, 8wt, 8pc $110 9 foot, 8 piece , 8 weight.  Original Price $195. Never used.  Anodized  aluminum reel seat. You cannot really see this from the image above, but the blank color is a dark maroon.  Cordura covered PVC case and cloth sock. We feel this rod will fish fine with most 8 weight lines.   It has a full flex medium action. With integrated shooting tapers consider possibly using a 250 grain line, though it would handle a 300 grain line. With Rio Outbound Short and Scientific Anglers Titan Tapers consider a 7wt instead of an 8wt line if you like a more crisp feel. Rod case is 17.5" long.

Cortland PRF Fiberglass Fly Rods

Here is a fine, fun, packable, fiberglass rod from the 1980s.  Rod is unused though it has been assembled and cast.  The PVC tube (non-covered) shows signs of wear from storage with some scrapes and smudges and the rod weight written by hand in ink on the tube label.  

Model Price Notes


PRF-2000       7 ft, 6wt, 5pc PAC-ROD


$110 7 foot, 6wt, 4 piece. Has been lined and cast but never fished.   Aluminum reel seat.  PVC case and cloth sock. A bit of a faster action than most fiberglass rods of this length and line weight. A fun rod for panfish and small stream trout. Rod case is 19.5" long.

Diamondback Fly Rods

Stroud Tackle was a dealer for the original Vermont based Diamondback fly rod company for many years, as well as a Cortland Pro shop.  When Cortland acquired Diamondback, Stroud Tackle continued to stock and sell  Diamondback fly rods that were made overseas.


Note that these rods are not covered under warranty by the current iteration of the Diamondback  company based out of Minnesota. 

Diamondback Flawless Series

The Diamondback Flawless series rods were produced after Cortland acquired the Diamondback Fly Rod Company.   These rods have a fast action but don't need to be uplined for close quarters work (that's our opinion).  These rods were made in China, not Vermont.   They were popular sellers for us while they were in production. Each rod come with a cordura covered rod/reel case.  They originally sold for $250.

Diamondback Flawless Fly Rod
Model Price Notes
8'6" 4wt 4 piece $135 Fast action rod but not too fast for this line weight.  Nice all around trout rod.   Black aluminum reel seat with wood insert. Glossy black blank.  Includes Cordura covered rod/reel case.  Made in China.  1 available.
8'6" 3wt 4 piece $135 Sold Out