Custom Bamboo Fly Rods

We occasionally have a small number of custom bamboo rods on consignment from San Diego area craftsmen who produce a small number of rods as time and other activities/responsibilities permit.  


Prices typically range from $700 to $900 for a 2/2 rod (two sections with two tips).  Rods include a sock and tube.  The tube is usually a basic PVC tube without any covering. We often have cordura covered PVC tubes in stock in a few sizes if you would like a fancier tube and can usually order a tube that will fit if we do not have one in stock. Covered PVC tubes cost about $40-$50 and aluminum $50-$70.


The number of rods on hand in the shop is usually less than five and lengths, line weights, and tapers vary. The tapers may be copies of classic tapers from famous rod makers of the past, modified versions of those tapers, or tapers designed by the rod makers.  The rods we have available are usually 3, 4, or 5 wt rods ranging in 7 to 8 feet in length.


These rods are only available for in store purchase.   Due to personal tastes in rod tapers, actions, lengths, and line weights we do not offer these for purchase by phone and do not ship.  We, as well as the craftsmen,  feel that a buyer needs examine and test cast a rod in person. 


If a custom build is desired we may be able to put you in contact with a local builder who can craft that special rod for you.  If interested, come by the shop to see what we have or discuss what you might be interested in.

Custom Bamboo Fly Rod by San Diego craftsmen "TL"
Custom 7' 2/2 Bamboo Rod by San Diego bamboo fly rod craftsman "TL" based on a modified Dickerson taper.