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7 wt rods are a good one rod solution for fishing San Diego waters
A 9 foot 5 weight fly rod is the most common first fly rod purchase made by anglers getting into fly fishing. That is because fly fishing is still primarily thought of as a trout fishing technique by non-fly anglers. But for most of the world, nation, and even San Diego County, trout are not nearby or only available in small numbers for a few months of the year. Here in the San Diego area, when we take into account both freshwater and saltwater species, there are dozens more species available...
Product Spotlight · June 28, 2019
Redington Predator 590-4 great lightweight saltwater fly rod
Throughout the saltwater fly fishing community a 9 foot 8 weight rod is usually the most commonly recommended starting rod. That is a great choice that will be useful for a wide range of conditions. However, in our Southern California bays and estuaries, the vast majority of fish caught will be less than two pounds in weight and often less than one pound and not as much fun when caught with an 8 weight rod compared to a lighter rod. Trout sized gear will often do quite nicely when pursuing our...
Fishy Outings · January 21, 2019
Spotted Bay Bass aka "Spottie" taken on the fly rod
San Diego has great year round angling, even during mid-winter, and San Diego bay is perhaps the most consistent local winter fishery. Except for when storms are passing through, winter breezes are often less than summer winds. When the ocean has six to twelve foot swells as has been the case over the last couple of weeks, the bay remains comparatively calm.